Simon Mignolet
Mignolet has been one of Liverpool's outstanding performers this season

Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet is still cautious about their chances of clinching the Premier League, as he believes that what they have done until now will be useless if they don't maintain their winning streak until the end of the season.

After victories in their last eight games, Liverpool are leading the Premier League and the destiny of the title is in their hands.

But with both Chelsea and Manchester City chasing Liverpool, Mignolet believes they need to keep the winning run to secure their first title in 24 years.

"We have to keep it going. We're happy with what has been and where we are at the moment, but it's more about what is coming that is important," Mignolet told Liverpool's official website.

"I don't think it could have gotten any better in those eight days - if you win three times, that's what you want. We'll take all that on board and into the last six games of the season."

Brendan Rodger's side will travel to West Ham on Sunday before their crucial game against Manchester City, while they also have to face Chelsea at Anfield next month.

The Liverpool number one insists Reds' supporters can make Anfield a fortress.

"Against Sunderland, the scenery before the game and the round of applause we got before we even went into the stadium was amazing," said Mignolet.

"It started us off really well. They're behind us - as they have been since the first day of the season - and their support can only help us in winning games. When the fans believe in you and give you that confidence to step onto the pitch, it makes it easier for us to play at Anfield.

"When you step onto the pitch, you feel they are behind you and want you to push forward.They want you to score a goal. I'm sure they'll keep doing that in the remainder of our home games we play this season at Anfield."