Kelly Fidoe-White
Kelly Fidoe-White suffers from Trimethylaminuria - also known as fish odour syndrome Facebook / Kelly Fidoe-White

A British woman with a medical condition that makes her constantly smell like fish has spoken about her difficulties and coping strategies.

Kelly Fidoe-White has suffered from Trimethylaminuria - known colloquially as "fish odour syndrome" - for most of her life. The 36-year-old was tormented at school because of her odour.

Fidoe-White's condition means her body cannot break down certain food compounds, causing strong smells to be emitted through her sweat glands

She said that she now tries to avoid seafood because "If it smells going in, it's going to smell going out".

Fidoe-White, who describes her smell as "fishy-oniony", lives in Oldham with her husband Michael, 45. The pair have been together 16 years in spite of the challenges posed by her condition.

Michael told MailOnline: "Kelly's smell has sometimes affected me in a negative manner but I haven't said anything to Kelly. I've just kept it to myself. When we were living together at the start I did notice it. But it wasn't straight away when we first started seeing each other - it was never a problem. I don't believe she tried to hide it either.

"Kelly wasn't that confident when we first met - and I think the best way of me helping her with the condition is to just be supportive about the condition. If that was me living with the condition, I think I would struggle to do as much as Kelly does."

Fidoe-White she was grateful for Michael's support, before adding: "I am sure he won't mind me saying this, but he produces his own smell anyway!"

Fidoe-White, who now works as a radiologist at Royal Oldham Hospital, suffered bad anxiety as a result of bullying in her teenage years. "I was spending a stupid amount of time in the shower," she said.

Now more confident she has decided to go public about her condition. She said: "I am more chilled about it now. I can't say that if somebody complains tomorrow, I wouldn't still find it a little bit cutting. But I deal with it by educating that person now."

Kelly Fidoe-White
Kelly Fidoe-White, who suffers from fish odour syndrome, with her husband Michael Facebook / Kelly Fidoe-White