Sherri Saum shares what she thinks about Ellie's fate in "Locke and Key" Season 2, and hopes that it is not the end for the character.

The first season ended with Ellie presumably dead after the Locke kids threw her out into the mysterious Black Door because they saw her as Dodge. They did not know that Dodge is still alive and has been masquerading as Gabe. She has been using the Mirror Key to change her appearance and used it on Ellie so she would look like her.

Whether Ellis is alive or gone for good is something that fans will have to see in "Locke and Key" Season 2. Netflix has yet to announce a renewal, but before then Saum is keeping her fingers crossed that "it didn't end" for her character.

"I mean they have more content in the graphic novel as like a season two, but nothing is set in stone and they take a lot of license with what they do from the graphic novel to the translation to the screen," Saum told Hollywood Life.

"It's fantasy show, and anything can happen, obviously. These keys are magic, and I just keep telling the creators, 'I hope there's like a key that's from behind that door that I can open from the other side, and tiptoe back in when I want to,'" the actress continued, adding that she feels Ellie "could pop up at any random moment."

Saum said she wants to see Ellie and Nina Locke's friendship explored in "Locke and Key" Season 2. She believes that Nina needs a friend whom she can hang out with and rely on after she lost her husband, who happens to be Ellie's close friend.

"Obviously her husband's been killed. She's got a lot of baggage around that, and I feel like I would be the perfect person to be her ally," she explained.

Ellie is also the only living member of the "Keepers of the Keys" so she understands their powers more than the Locke kids. She would be of great help to them, that is, if she is alive in "Locke and Key" Season 2. Saum shared her hope that Netflix will renew the series since there are still more keys and stories from the graphic novel ready to be explored in the show.

Sherri Saum
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