Logan Paul has boxing to thank for helping him put his feet back on the ground. This is something that he said he lost when he became a famous social media influencer. The YouTuber admitted that the sport helped him move on following his infamous Japan scandal.

In a candid interview ahead of his boxing rematch with KSI on Nov. 9, Logan looked back at that 2017 incident, which he called his "biggest fight." He said his past mistake helped shaped who he is now, someone who has "matured and levelled up."

"Being able to take that and get up and keep on fighting and being able to redeem yourself and make a comeback even though 99% of the world doesn't believe in you, I think is gonna say a lot and make a lot of people believe in themselves when they're down," Logan told BBC's Newsbeat.

The 24-year-old YouTube sensation also shared how boxing has helped him redeem himself. He said that it has been "by far one of the best things" that happened in his life. It has allowed him to focus on something else aside from creating content for his YouTube channel, which he revealed can "be so toxic."

Logan, who has 19 million YouTube subscribers, admitted that being an influencer has taken a toll on his mental health two years ago. It burned him and changed his character. It made him into someone who was only after views, likes, and subscribers. This is why he takes his newfound love for boxing seriously because it helps make him a better person again.

"One of the reasons boxing is one of the greatest things to happen to my life is because it made me human again," he shared and advised people to be careful with how much time they spend online "because it can get unhealthy quickly."

In 2017, Logan faced backlash after he filmed an episode at the Aokigahara forest, found at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan. The forest is known as a suicide site. His video showed a man's corpse and Logan made jokes about it. The criticism forced him to take a break from social media to work on his personal growth.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul during his (monetised) apology video YouTube