Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul may be dubbed an exhibition but the YouTube sensation is going into the fight with the intention of taking off the former five-division world champion's head. Paul feels he is in a no-lose situation owing to the legacy Mayweather holds in the

The bout which takes place at the Hard Rock Arena in Miami on Sunday, will be eight rounds long and will not be scored by judges. Knockouts are permitted but a winner will not be declared after the fight.

Paul's coach, Milton Lacroix, has made it clear that they are not treating it as an exhibition. He says that they are taking it seriously as the YouTuber is going up against one of the greatest boxers in the
history of the sport.

"If you're going to do eight rounds with a world-class fighter andyou're saying it's an exhibition? This ain't an exhibition. We have to take this very serious," Lacroix told ESPN.

Paul, who has 23 million subscribers on YouTube, feels he is already a winner going into the fight. He feels it is a no-lose situation for him since he is taking on Mayweather, who has a 50-0 record to

"If I win, it's the greatest upset in the history of combat sports," Paul said. "Time stands still. The Earth stops revolving on its axis. It's the genesis."

"If Floyd Mayweather wins, nothing happens. No one cares. Congrats, bro, you beat a YouTuber. You want a cookie? Move on."

The former five-division world champion, however, seems confident going into the fight on Sunday. Mayweather feels that he doesn't have to bring his best into the ring to convincingly beat Paul, who holds a 0-1 record, having lost his only bout thus far.

"I ain't gotta use my A game, my B game, my C game. I can use my Z game," Mayweather said at the event in Miami, as quoted by the Daily Mail. "Don't even gotta hit him hard. Result's going to be the same."

Floyd Mayweather
Tempers flare as Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul confront each other during a media event for Mayweather's June 6 fight with Logan Paul in Miami on Thursday Eva Marie UZCATEGUI/AFP