beer taps
Isn't beer just great? Drinkup.London

It's time to take a moment and celebrate one of the world's favourite past times – drinking beer. Boy, do we love our beer, a number of you are probably reading this in a pub right now, beer in hand, while your mate's in the loo; it's a national hobby that just makes passing time more enjoyable and conversations less boring.

But how much do you really pay attention to your beers? Are you a CAMRA fiend bemoaning the loss of the British pub or just another customer asking for whatever's cheapest on tap? Do you know your Guinness Surfers from your Budweiser Frogs?

Craft ale is on the rise, the pub is on the decline and beer companies keep changing their slogans – it's all so confusing. Why don't you just lie down – that's right, get comfy – open up a crisp can and pretend that the world is OK while you take this quiz. How well do you know the slogans of the biggest beer brands?