A convicted felon from Hayes in west London was sentenced to prison for a violent fit of road rage during which he beat up the driver of a car. Willesden Magistrates' Court found Charandeep Banger guilty and he will spend the next five years behind bars.

According to a report by Get West London, at around 4pm on 10 November, the 34-year-old was driving down a narrow lane in his Mercedes, when he got into an altercation with another car driver who was on his way to pick his daughter from school.

The victim got out of his vehicle to take a photo of Banger's number plate and swung at him when the latter tried to drive away. The Geldwood Road resident then exited his car and attacked the man, punching him continuously in the head.

Witnesses intervened to stop the fight and Banger escaped from the scene. According to court documents, the police traced the registered address of the car and discovered the vehicle covered with a white cloth to conceal the number plate. Initially he told them that a friend has borrowed his car earlier and just returned it. He later confessed that it was a lie and he was the one driving.

The victim suffered a large bruise on his head and a bloody nose. During his interview with the authorities, they noticed that he was "slow to respond" and "dazed and confused".

Banger claimed he was hit on the shoulder but did not sustain any injuries. Richard Jeffries, his lawyer argued that his client had been acting in self defence. While the court accepted the reasoning, the magistrate pointed out that the "force used was unreasonable".

"The victim was beaten badly and the two men were of significantly different sizes," the judge said. "In light of Mr Banger's bad character we find him guilty beyond all reasonable doubt."

In 2010, Banger had been found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm after he attacked and injured six men with broken glass bottles after his friend was thrown out of a club in Field End Road, Ruislip.

He was released after completing half of his 10-year prison sentence, but following the recent incident, will have to serve out the five remaining years along with three additional months. Within six months of his release in 2023, he is expected to pay the victim £115 as compensation for damages caused.