If you thought it was bad enough that your neighbour's dog has chosen to make your front lawn his personal toilet, think again. Residents of a suburb of New York have been traumatised by a person defecating on the properties.

Homeowners in Orchard Park, Buffalo have issued a public warning against the individual, and set up surveillance cameras to catch them in the act.

"To the person/jogger who is pooping on our lawns in the Village of O.P.: STOP!!" an ad in the Orchard Park PennySaver, by those already affected, reads. "We have installed trail cams to identify you! You are violating a health ordinance that prohibits depositing untreated sewage on land or water!!!" it continues.

"You are putting our neighborhood at a serious health risk, especially children!"

According to The New York Post, Orchard Park police received a complaint from a woman last month, who claimed she found faeces and tissue paper outside her house, on multiple occasions. She told the authorities she believes that the person responsible is a jogger who runs a route by her house.

The police have increased patrols in the neighbourhood and if caught, the person will most probably face charges of public lewdness.

This is not the only case of a person intentionally relieving themselves in people's yards. Most recently in September, a female jogger in Colorado was caught on camera defaecating on private properties, including in front of children. Nicknamed "The Mad Pooper", the woman was even confronted by one parent, whose child saw her squatting with her pants down.

However, a family representative of the defaecator recently came forward to explain that the woman suffered a traumatic brain injury caused by gender reassignment surgery and was unable to control her bowels. The unidentified man said that she was sorry for her actions but could not help herself.