Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has revealed plans to install water fountains across parts of the city.

Khan has called for the provision of free drinking water to aid public health as well as reduce plastic bottle waste.

He wants Londoners to have access to free drinking water across the city.

It is part of wider plans to make London a more developed and sustainable city.

The initiatives were revealed in his Blueprint for London plan, which outlines changes and improvements Khan hopes to make to the city including alterations to affordable housing as well as changes to fire safety in new and current buildings.

"Free drinking-water fountains that can refill water bottles, as well as be drunk from, should be provided in appropriate locations in new or redeveloped public realm," the report explained, with a push to get more of this in parks and public spaces.

Khan also hopes to set up ways of getting businesses to make their tap water available to the general public to mirror a similar scheme already in place in Bristol,

A spokesperson for Khan said: "The mayor wants to see a reduction in the amount of single-use plastic bottles and cups across the capital and has asked City Hall officers to examine the feasibility of a pilot community water refill scheme, or other interventions."

Khan may have an unlikely ally in the Conservative environment secretary, Michael Gove, who has also expressed a need to cut down on plastic wastage and improve on water provision to the public.

Sadiq Khan
Mayor Sadiq Khan unveiled plastic reduction initiatives in his Blueprint for London plan Reuters