John Zylinski made headlines in 2015 when he challenged Nigel Farage to a duel over the Ukip leader's anti-mass migration rhetoric. The so called "Polish Prince", the son of aristocrat Captain Andrzej Zylinsk, suggested he would use his father's sword to battle the Eurosceptic firebrand in Hyde Park.

The weapon was apparently used by Andrzej during a successful cavalry charge against Germany forces, who had invaded Poland in 1939. Farage never accepted the sword fight and Zylinski said he really wanted a war of words. Now the property developer has promised to ban the Ukip leader from London.

The policy makes up Zylinski's early manifesto as he runs in the Mayor of London election. To say the Polish aristocrat has a slim chance for City Hall would be generous.

But Zylinski, who lives in a West London mansion, feels migrants and ethnic minorities "don't have a voice" in the capital and are "treated like second-class citizens". That is his motivation for running. Watch the full IBTimes UK video interview above to find out more about Zylinski's campaign.

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