Warning: explicit content


  • An Evening of Meat will see dancers "rise up like the phoenix" to display their sensuality.
  • Diners will eat six courses with half-naked dancers on their tables.

Scantily clad female dancers will writhe on table tops at London's latest "dining installation" to show that women's sensuality does not make them "a piece of meat".

An Evening of Meat is a culinary and dance experience that has already been put on in Berlin, Sydney and New York. As guests eat their six-course dinners, half-naked dancers will get on to their tables on all fours and gradually "unfold" to represent women rising up like the phoenix.

The four-week installation, which returns to London after previous appearances in 2010 and 2011, promises to be a "dining feast of fierce femininity" with meat-based meals that "shock and excite" the senses. Vegetarians and vegans will be catered for.

The event description says: "On the table, in front of you, a body starts on all fours - its position is of vulnerability. Soon the body moves and the story unfolds...

"Through her strength, her power, her unbridled wildness, she will tonight rise up like the phoenix. And you will rise with her.

"This unique dinner installation destabilises our gaze and draws out our innermost contradictions as we become part of each performer's journey. A journey that will proclaim to the world - nobody is a piece of meat."

The performance was created by American director Kate March, who wanted to positively explore women's bodies. She will lead dancers from all-female creative collective I AM.

The choreography is designed to use provocative movements with the purpose of empowering the woman, not just arouse a spectator. There will be more active sections of the performance between courses with dancers doing headstands and crawling along the tables.

An Evening of Meat will be held at The Vaults in Waterloo from 27 March to 22 April, with tickets from £35. Single tickets will not be sold. There will be dancing after dinner in an underground club room.