Hooters wants to help depressed and rejected diners get over the exes this Valentine's Day with a unique buy one get one free deal.

The Shred Your Ex campaign at the "breastaurant" famous for its "Hooters Girls" wants people to use 14 February as a time to burn their bridges and literally bring a photo of their ex to shred in the restaurant. Customers will then get 10 free boneless chicken wings, although they must buy 10 wings of any sort first.

To avoid making a scene, bitter customers can choose to dispose of their ex on the Hooters website first and get a coupon to take into the restaurant. The website says: "Because your ex's picture is worth a thousand curse words.

"Mend your broken heart. Get rid of that photographic reminder of you-know-who by answering a few quick questions. Your responses will provide the most satisfying method of disposal, so the healing can begin."

The website then asks questions such as how long the relationship lasted, how it ended and how long it has been since the breakup. It will then recommend that you either burn a photo of your ex, shred it, bury it or throw darts at it - all virtually, of course.

The unusual promotion saw mostly eager reviews on Hooters' social media pages, with some all set to get to their local Hooters as soon as possible. One Facebook user, however, took the campaign to heart, despite it being targeted at either gender. "By all means, let's trash men some more. Maybe you can find enough lesbians to keep Hooters afloat without us," he wrote.