Obsessed fans of paedophile rocker Ian Watkins hounded his ex-girlfriend Joanne Mjadzelics, 38, on social networking sites until she was driven to take a drugs overdose.

She has revealed that web bullies falsely accused her of sexually molesting her own child, and pedalled lies about her as if in revenge for exposing Watkins' perversions.

When Mjadzelics went to police to report the abuse she was told to delete her Twitter account.

"It was just completely vile stuff about me," she told the Daily Star.

"They were saying I did time for molesting my own son which is completely untrue. The police have obviously looked in to my background extensively. I used to be a special constable for God's sake.

"I received tweets and stuff was spread on Facebook and other sites – a bunch of lies about me, in support of him. I took an overdose in January because it was so upsetting.

"I was still raw and they were throwing all these things at me and saying I'd done all this stuff that I hadn't."

A small clique of creepy fans continue to stand by the shamed singer despite him having been jailed for 35 years.

One female fan has allegedly been impersonating Watkins asking under-age girls for lewd pictures, the paper reported.

Mjadzelics said: "I've been dealing with these nut-job fans for years. I know how nutty they are so I wasn't surprised by it."

Watkins was convicted of 13 child sex crimes, including attempted rape and sexual assault. Watkins is currently behind bars at HMP Wakefield, one of Britain's most notorious jails.

However, Mjadzelics is continuing to stay in touch with shamed Watkins, despite everything that has happened. She revealed she wrote to him at Wakefield prison.

"I just said to him: 'I am here if you need me for anything.' I am not going to desert him if he needs help."