Manchester Utd boss, Louis van Gaal has admitted that the team creates more chances in 4-4-2 formation. Van Gaal changed United's formation at half-time during Saturday's match against QPR and having only created one chance in the first half, went on to win 2-0.

United fans were chanting "4-4-2" throughout the game, but dutch boss Van Gaal said: "I have to look at the players, I have to communicate with the players and observe the players. I can't observe the fans because Manchester United have 600 million fans all over the world. You can't take into account 600 million opinions."

He also said that playing 4-4-2 puts United off-balance. "...the balance of the team is also weak, and you've seen it because we have created chances, but also Queens Park Rangers. That we have to decide every week."