Louisa Johnson is the winner of The X Factor 2015. On hearing her name announced, unable to contain her emotions, the 17-year-old burst into tears.

"I've imagined this day for so many years, really, you have no idea how much this means to me. Thank you so much," she said through her tears. Her mentor Rita Ora was bursting with pride. "Can I just say thank you to everyone who voted and to Louisa for being the cutest ... the most hardworking winner of the X Factor."

For runners up Reggie N Bollie, even in the face of defeat their joyous and generous spirits would not be dampened. "We are never devastated that we lost. We came here empty-handed and we leave here fully loaded from the music industry."

For their mentor Cheryl, who has championed them from their first audition, there was no doubt that Reggie N Bollie had come a long way. "Both acts are fantastic in two completely different ways. You know that I have believed in you from the start. Thank you for trusting me, working with me and being my friend. This is just the beginning. Thank you everyone who voted and kept them here."

The pair who brought the party to the talent show every week were initially dismissed as a novelty act, but their fun-filled performances captivated the viewing public and won the hearts of the British people. But in the end there was no mistaking Louisa Johnson's singing prowess, as she enthralled audiences with her powerful vocals and a talent that defies her years.

Louisa brought the high notes, the sass and the singing talent to Wembley arena as she sang It' s A Man's World backed by a choir and violinists in a breath taking performance. "That is what is called The X Factor," said Simon to the cheers of the crowd. "I know I'm prone to exaggeration but I can honestly say that in all the years that I have done this show I have never heard anything as good. You're 17. You're not human."

"You forget how incredible you are until we see you perform," said Nick. "It's like a smack in the face, in a nice way." Her mentor Rita Ora had no doubts about who she thought deserved to win. "To see how you've grown as an artist as an individual and you're just 17. It blows my mind. To me you are the winner of the X Factor."

While she already looks like a star, Louisa was revelling in the moment. "I love that song it's just me. It's got so much attitude. It's amazing. This is my dream."

The two finalists also won the seal of approval from some very big names in the music industry. After performing on the show Coldplay frontman Chris Martin said how impressed he was with this year's talent "We're just so happy to be here. It was wonderful. It made me nervous for everyone including for us," he explained. "I like Reggie N Bollie and Che. And to get this far they must be doing something really right. People don't realise it's even hard for us to do this and these guys have gone through crazy things and it's so impressive."

British pop star of the moment Adele also took to the X Factor stage to perform her hit song Hello. Naming her hot favourite for the winner, she also offered some words of advice for the acts. " I'm gonna call Louisa tonight, but Lauren was my favourite. I absolutely loved her," she said. "Always go with your own instincts. I've always gone on what I thought."

The other big news of the night of course was the final live performance by One Direction before the band go on a much speculated hiatus. The hashtag "This is not the end of One Direction," was trending on Twitter as ardent fans tuned into the show for an emotional performance.

After the band performed Simon Cowell, who along with former judge Nicole Scherzinger is credited with creating the group when they first auditioned, took a moment to thank them. "This takes me back," he said. "I met five guys years ago. I just want to take the chance to say thank you you have been a pleasure to work with. Enjoy the time off."

The band members were also surprised with video messages from some of their celebrity friends including, James Cordon, Danny Devito, Little Mix and Robbie Williams who urged them to come back " fitter, faster and stronger than ever."

In a comic moment, former England footballer David Beckham revealed he was a fan of the British boy band as he was caught in his car singing along to "Everybody wants to steal my girl. "You've given so much to so many people," he said. "Five years of incredible moments."

The boys hugged as they finished their emotional performance of History. Liam Payne said: "We've had the most amazing five years. We can't believe what's happened to us. Sadly we're going away but we needed it. You can see how happy we are and it's because of you guys."

In the end, though it was Louisa's night. And with the announcement that she has won the competition outright, becomign the youngest contestant ever to do so, her life is set to change forever. A star is born.