Mason Noise has been voted off The X Factor in a surprise elimination. The singer found himself in the bottom three with Anton Stephans and 4<sup>th Impact following a flash public vote.

The Midlands-born wannabe, who has had a tumultuous journey on the show, said he was not worried about leaving the show. "Thank you to everyone who voted, thank you to everyone who didn't vote as well, because now I can really do me thing," he said, before adding: "I'm happy. I'm ready to meet my fans."

Describing the controversial singer as a 'visionary' mentor Nick Grimshaw said: "He's exactly the kind of popstar we need. I'm not worried about the future of Mason at all.'

Mason famously threw a diva strop during the Six-Chair Challenge and was told to leave the stage by an irate Simon Cowell after he questioned his lack of air-time. However, he returned to the show and issued an apology in song. However, his performances on the show each week have garnered a mixed reaction from the judges and the audience.

In stark contrast Cheryl's act Reggie N Bollie have won praise every week. Following an energetic mash-up of Dangerous Love and Shut Up And Dance, by Fuse ODG and Walk The Moon Simon Cowell said they had "won the nations hearts" with their fun-filled performances and he even predicted the duo could make it to the final.

The theme this week of Love & Heartbreak elicited emotional performances from Louisa and Lauren, both of them favourites to be in the final.

Looking ethereal in white, Louisa had the judges and the audience in stunned silence as she performed a flawless rendition of a James Bay hit, prompting Simon to compare her to previous winners including Leona Lewis. "That was one of those moments," he said.

Lauren too showcased her vocal range singing Maria Carey's We Belong Together. While Simon criticized the first part of her performance Cheryl gushed claiming she could "sing the Yellow Phone Book," and make it sound good.

After a trying time last week, 4<sup>th Impact were back with a bang singing Christina Aguilera's Ain't No Other Man. While there is no denying their abilities as live performers Simon Cowell suggested that they now needed to develop their individual identities within the group.

Nick Grimshaw was also quick to put in the boot after Anton Stephans performance, accusing him of putting on an act. "I just wasn't feeling that," he said. "That wasn't the best track for you. It's a very emotional song and it felt cold. It seemed fake."

His comments sparked a spat between the two as an emotional Anton replied: "'Excuse me, but this is all real. The set and the outfit might be fake, but I am real." "That's fine, but I didn't say you were fake - I said I wasn't feeling it. There's no need to be aggressive," said a disgruntled Nick. Not letting it go Anton retorted: "I'm not being aggressive, but there's no need to be rude. I gave that everything and it was genuine".

Simon quickly waded into the row and leaped to Anton's defence saying: "Not everyone here is a Radio 1 artist, Nick. This is about someone older than the rest who has a beautiful voice... I don't think you quite get it."

It was a better week for the soulful Che Chesterton, whose unique interpretation of The Beatles classic Yesterday had Cheryl in tears and securing his place in the competition.

But all eyes were on show hosts Olly Murs. The singer attempted to laugh off his deadlock debacle of last week but two-and-a-half minutes into the show he managed to fluff his lines again stumbling over his words and stuttering "elimi-tation".

His latest goof-up didn't go unnoticed and fans of the show took to Twitter to remind him to stick to the day job. One viewer observed: "So we know who won't be coming back to host the X Factor next year."