Love Island is getting steamier by the second as islanders fail to control their urges in the luxury Spanish villa with their romantic interests. We're looking at you, Amber and Kem.

Newly rekindled Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay have been inseparable since getting back together following the two-villa split, with the Welsh brunette saying that their time apart "worked wonders" for the budding romance.

And after shocking viewers by having sex on the couch next to Jonny Mitchell and Tyla Carr, the couple wanted more alone time the following day.

Once Kem told Amber by the pool that "he could go again", they gallivanted around the villa to find a suitable place to get intimate. Amber suggested the dressing room and Kem quite fancied doing it in the shower, but the pair ended up having to do the deed in Amber's bed, who she was sharing with Nathan Joseph.

Before doing the deed in broad daylight, Amber told Kem: "I feel f**king bad on Nathan." She then added: "Just get on top of me."

Kem replied: "It's gonna be very quick."

Minutes later, Nathan entered the bedroom just as they'd finished, spotting Amber throwing her bikini bottoms to the side. Kem sheepishly told him: "I'm just chilling".

amber davies
Amber and Kem couldn't resist one another on Tuesday night's episode ITV

Viewers didn't seem too surprised about the daytime romp, with one tweeting: "I can't lie I am really happy about amber and kem". Another said: "Never related to a relationship more than Kem and Amber's". A third added: "actually so happy for kem and amber, they're so cute."

Tuesday night's episode ended in a shock eviction as four islanders were dumped, including Camilla Thurlow's former love interest Craig Lawson.

The father-of-three pinned his hope on Camilla after being fixated with her on the outside world, claiming he would conduct his Love Island experience "exactly the same" if he were to do it all over again.

He told The Mirror: There was no one else I thought I'd have a connection with. They were all really attractive in there for sure but Camilla for me was a 10 and that's a rare find.

"There's no point in me settling for second best. I went in there to get the best and I don't have any regrets. If I could do it all again I'd do it exactly the same."

Love Island continues tonight (5 July) at 9pm on ITV2.