"Lovecraft Country" shows the struggles of Black people in the 1950s as they live in fear of white supremacy. Thus, it was only fitting that Episode 3 would include a reference to Emmett Till, who died at the hands of white men in 1955.

The episode, titled "Holy Ghost," saw Letitia buying a big abandoned house previously owned by a white scientist. The house is on the Northside of Chicago in a predominantly white neighbourhood. Naturally, Letitia and the others' presence appalled the neighbours who threatened to kick them out. But it was not the unwelcoming neighbours who scared her out, but the ghosts that haunted the house.

In one scene during the housewarming party, a group of kids stayed in the basement where they secretly played with the Quija board. One of the characters in the group was a nod to Emmett Till, according to Vogue. This was the boy in a black-and-white striped tie who asked if he was going to have a good time on his trip. The board gave a chilling response, "No."

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The boy's outfit in this scene shows a resemblance to the widely shared photo of Till prior to his murder. Interestingly, "Lovecraft Country" released Episode 3 on Aug. 30, a couple of days after the 65th anniversary of Till's death on Aug. 28. Likewise, the character's name in the show was Bobo, which was also the nickname for the deceased.

Till died while on a visit to relatives in Money, Mississippi. The 14-year old was accused of whistling at a local white woman, Carolyn Bryant, who was a cashier at a grocery store. He was abducted by Bryant's husband Roy and his half-brother, and they beat him and shot him in the head. Bryant has since confessed that the boy did not harass her.

"When u realize this lil boy was playing Emmett Till before he went on his trip down south....that's why the ghost said he wouldn't enjoy his trip," a fan pointed out on Twitter.

"Omg...I didn't even catch that. There's so many historic references in this show," another commented.

"Lovecraft Country" airs Sundays on HBO. Jordan Peel ("Get Out," "Us") serves as creator and executive producer of the show.

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