"Lovecraft Country" Episode 6 will reveal a backstory on Atticus' time in the war in South Korea where he met the mysterious Ji-ah.

Next Sunday's episode of the HBO series will bring viewers to Daegu, a city in North Gyeongsang Province. As revealed by the title, "Meet Me in Daegu," the story will reveal what happened to Atticus during the war and how his relationship with Ji-ah (Jamie Chung) developed.

The teaser trailer for "Lovecraft Country" Episode 6 showed that Atticus and Ji-ah, a nurse, met at an infirmary where he is being treated for his battle wounds. He asked her to read from the pages of the book "The Count of Monte Cristo" and it seems their relationship blossomed from there.

The scene flashes back to the time they spent together just being happy with each other. But then the events take a tragic turn when the soldiers decide to punish the South Korean women for reasons still unknown. Ji-Ah is among those taken away but she survived while the others died.

"After years of oppression, unfair oppression, sweet revenge," Atticus' voice plays in the background as the scene focuses on Ji-ah seemingly plotting her revenge against the soldiers. She blows up a theatre and appears with bloodied hands.

The teaser trailer for "Lovecraft Country" Episode 6 ends with Ji-ah lying down with a worm-like creature creeping in her ear. Could this be the same wriggly creature that came out of a cow's birth canal as seen in Episode 1?

The next episode will answer why Atticus looked alarmed after he deciphered the code about his name which spelled "Die." Ji-ah had warned him about going back home to Chicago. Episode 5 ended with a frantic Atticus calling her overseas so he could ask her how she knew about what would happen to him.

"Lovecraft Country" just gets weirder and scarier yet fun and interesting at the same time. As the series progresses, more secrets come out including that unsettling revelation in Episode 5 that William and Christina are one and the same. She used the same magic potion that Ruby took to look like a white woman named Hillary Davenport. Episode 6 will also answer how Ruby handles this knowledge.

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