In "Lovecraft Country" Episode 8 titled "Jig-A-Bobo," Diana "Dee" Freeman, Hippolyta and George Freeman's daughter, will have a surprise encounter with the sinister Captain Lancaster.

The show continues to put the spotlight on the supporting characters which started with Jiah and then Hippolyta in Episodes 6 and 7, respectively. Dee is front and centre next and the trailer shows Lancaster grilling her about her knowledge on magic.

Of course, Dee does not know what he is talking about. But the events in last week's episode put her as the prime suspect in a crime that she did not commit but her mother did. To recap, in Episode 7 Hippolyta visited the observatory where she managed to open a time portal. She got sucked into the vortex but not before she shot an officer dead.

The episode ended with Tic rushing out of the museum and he did not notice Dee's comic book lying beside the dead cop. It then becomes incriminating evidence against the young girl because her name is on the front cover.

The trailer for "Lovecraft Country" Episode 8 shows Dee getting tormented by visions of monsters. She seems to be seeing things or perhaps just running away and hiding from Lancaster and his men. The episode may also have something to do with Dee's friend Bobo. According to Den of Geek, it could have references to Emmet Till's death too, whose nickname was "Bobo."

Looks like Jada Harris is about to ACT. Damn. Can't wait for next week's episode. #LovecraftCountry

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Aside from Dee, Leti also shares the spotlight in Episode 8 as she is seen praying in church. There is also a shot of her and Tic in an argument where he tells her that he is "doing this to protect us." Leti yells back that "there's too much at stake."

Leti is probably not just talking about her and Tic but also about their unborn child. Episode 7 of the HBO series clearly hinted that Leti is pregnant. She suddenly hated the smell of garlic which she used to love. The trailer for "Lovecraft Country" Episode 8 also shows her in pain as she clutches at her belly while Christina stands there looking at her unalarmed.

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