"Lucifer" Season 5 may finally give the Devil his due and give him a good ending as hinted by a cast member of the Netflix series. The show's creators likewise teased about the title character's return to Earth early on in the season.

D.B. Woodside, who plays Lucifer's brother Amenadiel, responded to fans' questions about the series during a recent Twitter Q&A. He hinted at so many things including his character's fate, the show's renewal, and Lucifer's future. His response to the Devil's story in Season 5 intrigued fans the most.

I haven’t done a Twitter q & a in quite a long time. Let’s go for it. Ask me anything. 😈 #AskDB

— DB Woodside (@dbwofficial) September 2, 2019

The actor said that Lucifer will have a "happy ending" for the final episode of the series. Sadly, he did not give away any details but his reply still made fans happy.

Fans have since wanted to see Lucifer and Chloe Decker (Lauren German) get their happy ending in the show. When it seemed that Season 4 was going to grant their wishes, a new character in the name of Eve showed up to ruin the romantic mood. In the finale, Chloe eventually confessed her true feelings for the devil when she told him she loves him (devil face, angel wings, and all).

However, Lucifer had to return to hell since he has been gone on vacation for so long and his realm needed its ruler back. He left Chloe hanging and unsure whether she will ever see him again. Their situation definitely makes for a sad love story and coincidentally, the title for the first episode of "Lucifer" Season 5 is "Really Sad Devil Guy."

What? A sad 😈 guy? Who could that be @jkning ? 🤔 #LuciferSeason5 #lucifer pic.twitter.com/MRLsCGoBNV

— Lucifer Writers Room (@LUCIFERwriters) August 29, 2019

However, Lucifer may not be sad for long, as teased by showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson. Talking about Lucifer's return to Earth, they said that they "have a lot of exciting ways to bring him back." Modrovich may have hinted that Lucifer returns early in the season when she talked about the first scene in Season 5 as being her favorite.

As for other "Lucifer" Season 5 spoilers, Woodside only gave away cryptic responses. He even hinted at Amenadiel having "an appropriate ending" and a possible renewal. Likewise, the actor expressed his interest to appear in Season 6 and said that the cast had always thought that the show ends at Season 6 and not Season 5.

Tom Ellis and Lauren German play Lucifer and Chloe Decker in the Netflix series "Lucifer." Getty