Lucifans fear the worst will happen to Detective Daniel Espinoza or Chloe Decker in "Lucifer" Season 5, after they saw Lucifer and Amenadiel at a cemetery.

A fan shared a photo from the set that shows Tom Ellis (Lucifer) and D.B. Woodside (Amenadiel) shooting a scene at a cemetery. It is hard to make out what is happening in this night scene. But it shows the devil with his head down and his brother seemingly looking on the ground too or perhaps looking at Lucifer.

It is difficult to make out the expression on their faces. But fans have their theory that someone important, a major character, dies in "Lucifer" Season 5. Most of them fear that Chloe (Lauren German) dies. Adding fuel to this theory is a recent photo that Aimee Garcia shared on social media. In the picture, Garcia, who plays CSI Ella Lopez, looked like she had been crying.

"They would not kill Chloe. One, Lucifer doesn't look upset enough for that, two, the fandom would riot," one fan tweeted. Another wrote, "I feel like the only reason Lucifer and Amenadiel would be at a cemetery is if Chloe 'died.'"

According to the fan who shared the set photo, the cast and crew were filming the cemetery scene for "Lucifer" Season 5 Episode 14. With the episode titled "Nothing Lasts Forever," the picture certainly had fans worried about Chloe's fate.

#Deckerstar out for a Sunday drive... #Lucifer #NothingLastsForever BTS #LuciferSeason5

— Chris Rafferty (@chris_rafferty) February 24, 2020

Then again, there are also those who think that perhaps Dan (Kevin Alejandro) or Trixie dies in "Lucifer" Season 5. Garcia supposedly mentioned something about Scarlet Estevez, who plays Trixie, doing a great scene.

"Maybe Trixie died and Lucifer with the help of Amenadiel will try to recover her. A new brother will appear, people think he's Zadkiel (Angel of Belevolence, Freedom and Mercy). He could be the perfect angel for that," another Lucifan tweeted.

Then again, perhaps this scene has something to do with the case of the week and does not involve Chloe, Trixie, Dan, or any major character's death. Lucifer and Amenadiel could also be at the cemetery visiting Charlotte's grave. It is unlikely that Chloe dies since Ellis confirmed that she and Lucifer will have a happy ending in "Lucifer" Season 5.

Tom Ellis and Lauren German play Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker in the Netflix series "Lucifer." Getty Images