Multiple news outlets say "Lucifer" Season 5 is finally coming to Netflix in June, with one site listing the premiere date as June 6, 2020.

Fans initially expected the upcoming season to arrive in May, as was the case with Season 4, which aired on May 8 last year. Unfortunately, the former Fox series is not among the confirmed list of original movies and shows airing on the streaming giant in May.

Instead, according to, a website that keeps tabs on TV show releases, "Lucifer" Season 5 will arrive on Netflix on June 6, Saturday, at 8:00 p.m. The 16-episode season will come in two equal parts and the site even listed the titles of the first eight episodes which will be streaming on June 6.

Then again, Netflix has yet to announce a premiere date for "Lucifer" Season 5. Fans are anticipating a June or July release if there will be no more problems ahead. Co-showrunner Joe Henderson previously tweeted that the show encountered "some post-production hiccups" because of COVID-19. The show was already halfway through Episode 16 when Netflix halted production amid the pandemic.

To all #Lucifans out there wondering when season 5 (part 1) drops -- chances are, we'll know when you do! There have been some post-production hiccups because of Covid, but we're working through them pretty well. Hopefully we'll all have an answer soon! 😈

— Joe Henderson (@Henderson_Joe) April 20, 2020

However, Lesley-Ann Brandt, who plays Maze, is hopeful that Season 5 will stream as scheduled, since they already filmed 99 percent of the series. She said they were still lucky to have filmed that much compared to other shows which just started filming.

Lucifans will just have to wait for more updates about the release of "Lucifer" Season 5. Henderson and co-creator Ildy Modrovich admitted that they are as clueless as everyone else. Modrovich even shared that she is going "stir crazy" over the secrecy.

I’m sworn to secrecy at the moment. So... going stir crazy on several levels. 😳

— Ildy Modrovich (@Ildymojo) April 21, 2020

On a positive note, fans can expect a lot of exciting things to happen in "Lucifer" Season 5. Dad (Dennis Haysbert) will finally join his sons Lucifer and Amenadiel on earth. Another sibling might join the reunion and speculations point to the Archangel Michael. Fans can expect a "Family Dinner" in Episode 9, which Henderson tweeted and described to be the "longest single scene" with a running time of 11 minutes and 27 seconds. The episode took two days to shoot with five actors together in one room.

Tom Ellis and Lauren German play Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker in the Netflix series "Lucifer." Getty Images