Lucifans received a bit of sad news after Netflix confirmed that "Lucifer" Season 5 is not coming in May as initially anticipated.

Fans have been keeping their fingers crossed that the upcoming season would arrive soon, following several hints from those involved with the show. Lesley-Ann Brandt shared that it could air in May while Netflix France teased a "soon" response when viewers asked for an update on the release date.

However, Netflix recently confirmed that "Lucifer" Season 5 is not among its original shows premiering next month. A report from Netflix Life revealed the list of movies and TV titles streaming in May and fan-favourite "Lucifer" is sadly not on the list.

Among the TV sequels that made it to the list include the historical show "Medici: The Magnificent: Part 2"," Workin' Moms" Season 4, "Charmed" Season 2, "Grey's Anatomy" Season 16 and "Riverdale" Season 4, to name a few. "The Flash" Season 6 and "Supergirl" Season 5 are listed as TBA (to be announced).

Lucifans are certainly bummed out that the show is not returning in May and they shared their dismay on Twitter.

"I prayed and prayed and prayed to God that #LuciferSeason5 would release in May. All my hopes and dreams are now crushed. If it doesn't come out in June I'm giving up," one fan tweeted.

The waiting game then continues, as many expected "Lucifer" Season 5 to arrive in May just like Season 4, which aired on May 8 last year. Brandt, who plays resident demoness Mazikeen, hoped that it would come in May too, as the first part of the season had already been filmed.

The 16-episode "Lucifer" Season 5 will come in two equal parts with the first eight episodes streaming first. Brandt said that filming for the show was already 99 percent done before Netflix halted production amid the COVID-19 crisis.

However, showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich admitted that they do not know when the show will return. Henderson tweeted that fans will know the answer "soon" days before Netflix released its list. Meanwhile, Modrovich said that she cannot say anything more as she is "sworn to secrecy."

"Lucifer" Season 5 is not airing on Netflix in May 2020. Lucifer/Fox