In keeping with their promise to release something for the fans, writers for the Netflix series shared the episode board for "Lucifer" Season 5 Episode 9, which shows Trixie killing someone or something that starts with a letter "L."

There were no title hints for Episode 9 because the title itself is so "spoilery." The writers promised to give something else instead for Lucifans. On Wednesday, they shared a photo of the episode board for Episode 9 and the spoiler found there had fans worrying about Lucifer's fate.

On the board are the phrases "Spoiler Alert," which is the title for "Lucifer" Season 5 Episode 8, "Title Redacted," which could refer to Episode 9, and in red ink, the words "Trixie killed l." The writers purposely blocked the remaining letters but fans believe it stands for Lucifer.

Alright #Lucifans, the #Lucifer 509 surprise is incoming... #LuciferNetflix

— Lucifer Writers Room (@LUCIFERwriters) November 27, 2019

So as we said because of spoilers, you won't get to guess @Henderson_Joe 's #Lucifer 509 title but here's a picture of our episode board to tide you over... 😈🤔😳

— Lucifer Writers Room (@LUCIFERwriters) November 27, 2019

"That looks like an L after killed... Trixie killed Lucifer ?" one fan wrote while another tweeted, " Trixie killed Lucifer I'm calling it."


— bella || watch lucifer on netflix (@thedetectivee) November 27, 2019

Meanwhile, one fan claimed that Trixie will probably say this in "Lucifer" Season 5 Episode 9 during game night with her mum, Chloe, and the Devil. She says "Trixie killed Lucifer" when she beats Lucifer at board games.

Another Lucifan agreed and that the tease could be a line in the dialogue, given how the writers love to use lines as episode titles. This hopefully keeps the Devil safe in Episode 9.

"That title could change. (Trixie) It happens all the time. Let's not forget a lot of the titles have been lines..Lucifer.. Blurting out the title in the show. Also,@Henderson_Joe is very Devilish he could have you focusing on that title below," the fan wrote.

As for the other guesses, fans shared that the tease could mean "Trixie killed Lucifer's mojo" or his ego, Lucifer's Corvette, or Trixie killed Linda or Lilith. The guessing and analysing will go on until the showrunners and the writers reveal more about where that phrase came from.

"Lucifer" Season 5 will give more screen time for Trixie. Scarlet Estevez , who plays the character, confirmed this in a previous Instagram post. She wrote, "Most Lucifer + Trixie time to date." In the same post, the 11-year-old shared a video of her and Tom Ellis (Lucifer) doing "jazz hands."

Pretty pretty pretty good first day. ❤️😈

— Scarlett Estevez (@ScarMestevez) October 1, 2019
Tom Ellis and Lauren German as Lucifer and Chloe Decker in "Lucifer." Lucifer/Fox