Tom Ellis admitted during a virtual interview on Wednesday that it was a new challenge to play the devil's identical twin brother Michael in "Lucifer" Season 5, so much so, that it confused him a bit.

The Welsh star sat down for a chat with Backstage managing editor Benjamin Lindsay, where he talked about how he got into character as Michael in the upcoming season. Ellis admitted that "it was a new challenge" for him since he got used to playing just one character on the show.

"What I realised is that I've played Lucifer for five years; it's very easy for me to step in and out of Lucifer's skin," he said, while admitting that playing Michael messed with his head a little bit.

"For a long time, I felt like a fraud to my friends and colleagues. But it was nice to think about a different character for a while," Ellis continued.

The 41-year old explained how he distinguished his portrayal of Michael from Lucifer in Season 5. He said he had to go old-school and "figure out physicality and voice and how a character walks as opposed to any sort of transformative prosthetics."

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Eagle-eyed fans pointed out one physical aspect they noticed from Michael following the release of the trailer of "Lucifer" Season 5. They said that his right shoulder seems a bit raised or angled, which they claimed could be from an injury.

Meanwhile, others noticed that Michael has a slightly different accent compared to his twin brother's charming British accent. They said Ellis dropped his natural British accent when he portrayed Michael.

"Lucifer" Season 5 arrives on Netflix with the first eight episodes on Aug. 21. The remaining eight do not have a release date yet, but fans can look forward to Episode 9, "Family Dinner," to see Ellis play both Lucifer and Michael in one scene. D.B. Woodside, who reprises his role as the angel Amenadiel, said Ellis was "brilliant" in his portrayal of the brothers. He teased that fans are in for a "gut-wrenching and absolutely fall-down hilarious" moment when they watch the episode.

Tom Ellis as Lucifer on the Netflix show "Lucifer." Fox