Aimee Garcia and D.B. Woodside reveals how Michael's appearance on earth in "Lucifer" Season 5 affects Ella and Amenadiel.

"Jaw-dropping" was how Garcia described the major reveal in the trailer. In the upcoming season, lead star Tom Ellis plays dual characters, as Lucifer and his twin brother Michael. Talking about Michael's debut on the show, Garcia, who reprises her role as CSI Ella Lopez, called Ellis playing both roles a "mind F."

"It's one of those things where you always expect a big bad to come in from an outside source, a new guest star, but to have our headliner also be the big bad?! ... It's a big mind F... but it's also true to the biblical story... It's such a brilliant move that no one saw coming, including ourselves," Garcia said in a video interview with ET's Katie Krause.

Garcia said that in "Lucifer" Season 5, Ella does not know that Lucifer is still lording over hell and that Michael is in his place on earth. She only knows that she is "so pissed" that Lucifer left all of a sudden.

"She is so upset that she may or may not be taking off her shoe and hitting him over and over again in his chest. I cannot confirm nor deny, but poor Tom did take a beating," Garcia laughed adding that "Ella's very upset" and "feels really betrayed."

"Ella sees Lucifer like her older brother and to just have him peace out like that -- she's like his little buddy -- so she feels really upset about it," she continued. "She really is like his younger sister and when he just skips town she is just so mad!" she explained.

As for Amenadiel, Woodside revealed that Amenadiel realises early on in "Lucifer" Season 5 that Michael is not Lucifer. He said that Michael "causes some havoc" and a "considerable amount of drama."

"Michael has an agenda. And, it's gonna take us a little while before we realize what his agenda really is. But his agenda is extremely dangerous. And it's gonna take the entire family to disrupt Michael's agenda," Woodside teased.

The trailer for "Lucifer" Season 5 showed Lucifer return to earth where he confronted Michael. Woodside and Garcia confirmed that Lucifer appears in Part A but they refused to say when exactly. They teased that he is a changed man when he returns because his stay in hell for hundreds of years affected him.

Tom Ellis plays both Michael and Lucifer in the Netflix show "Lucifer" Season 5. Lucifer/Fox