Co-showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson tease what fans can expect from"Lucifer" Season 5, and they praise Tom Ellis on his versatility in portraying not just Lucifer but also his twin brother Michael.

The trailer for the upcoming season introduced the archangel Michael, who seemed bent on taking over his brother Lucifer's life on earth. Just how he came down to the human realm and learned of Lucifer's relationship is something that Season 5 will reveal. What is interesting to see is how Michael is so different from his brother, something that Chloe Decker (Lauren German) pointed out.

Lucifer and Michael may be identical twins but they are different in many ways. Viewers will see in "Lucifer" Season 5 that they have different behaviours and speaking mannerisms, something which according to the showrunners, Ellis effortlessly differentiated during the table read.

"In the table reads, when Tom has to play Lucifer and Michael, it's amazing because he's literally doing the, 'sister!' 'mother!' 'sister!' [thing]," Henderson told Entertainment Weekly adding, "But you're also in the scene. You're staying with him because he's grounding it.

Henderson said that Ellis made "what he does look so effortless" that he thinks "Lucifer" Season 5 "will remind people just how hard it is everything he does."

Modrovich chimed in and called Ellis "brilliant." She revealed that the British actor portrayed Michael "with very different physical mannerism and speech patterns." So on the table read, he had "this weird back-and-forth where he's having a weird schizophrenic conversation with himself."

The "Lucifer" Season 5 trailer teased at the havoc that Michael brings in the human realm. It is perhaps his presence on earth and in Chloe's life that prompted Amenadiel to pay Lucifer a visit in hell. D.B. Woodside hinted in a previous interview that Amenadiel is in hell to ask his brother to help deal with an otherworldly problem happening on earth.

The preview teased that "Lucifer" Season 5 is bound to be an action-packed season with Michael in the scene. Henderson said it is "the best season yet" and it is "funny and dark and twisted and sad and joyous" all at the same time.

Netflix Series "Lucifer"
Tom Ellis plays Lucifer and the archangel Michael in "Lucifer" Season 5.