Showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson confirmed Michael and God's return in "Lucifer" Season 5B, and they teased some wonderful Deckerstar moments in the second half.

In Season 5A, Lucifer may have nearly told Chloe Decker "I love you" until Amenadiel froze time. It was the Deckerstar moment fans have been waiting for. The creators assured that the second half will have more romantic moments between the two and will pick up where they left off in their conversation.

"That will be a big part of the first episode back of season 5B is what he was going to say and what happens in between then and now while Lucifer is dealing with his dad returning," Henderson told ET's Katie Krause when asked about those three words.

"Yeah and if he was gonna say it. Is he going to say it right when time resumes is the question or do these new state of events going to derail everything?" Modrovich chimed in.

Chloe told Lucifer she loves him in the Season 4 finale and he did not reply. It is a challenge for the devil to say these words and Modrovich explained that Season 5B will dig deeper into this struggle.

"That is Lucifer's journey the entire season -- and really almost the entire series. He's trying. He starts off the selfish, rebellious child who feels like he's been wronged and is waiting for somebody to love him when really what he needs to do is figure out how to love somebody else," she said.

As for the Deckerstar moments, the showrunners admitted that they are "the biggest fans" of the lovebirds as well. They too want to see moments of them together, as much as they also want to see them apart.

So much of what we try to do is try to give ourselves those moments that we know the fans will love while also continuing to explore the journey of a devil who gets in his own way more often than he might like," Henderson explained adding that "Lucifer" Season 5B will explore the characters' insecurities that get in the way of their feelings for each other and give fans the "Deckerstar goodies" they love.

Modrovich added that the show also tries to stay realistic when it comes to relationships. After all, "nobody just suddenly lives happily ever after" because there are misunderstandings and ups and downs.

"Lucifer" Season 5B will feature new villain characters other than Michael, who will definitely return. God will stay as the antagonist in the story.

Tom Ellis and Lauren German play Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker in the Netflix series "Lucifer." Getty Images