Amenadiel will have a different perspective on God in "Lucifer" season 5B because of his personal experience as a father himself.

Co-showrunner Joe Henderson hinted in an interview with CBR that God's presence on Earth will have different effects on the brothers Amenadiel and Lucifer. The devil has despised his father for so long and seeing him in front of him is sure to bring out that hatred.

However, it will be different for the angel Amenadiel. Henderson said the brothers will have different views on the arrival of their father. He said Amenadiel's new role as a first-time dad influences how he perceives God.

"Yes! That's such a big part of season 5, particularly with Amenadiel, who is dealing with all of those issues of fatherhood," he said.

"Dealing with both loving a child but also being afraid for a child, and really positioning him to have a parallel to God, so that Amenadiel and Lucifer could arrive at wildly different perspectives on the arrival of their father," Henderson teased.

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He added that most of Amenadiel's arc in "Lucifer" season 5B stems from his issues on what fatherhood is supposed to mean. After all, he had a different upbringing, a celestial one, so he would not have a clue how to bring up his son Charlie, who is half-human and half-angel.

Fans saw in the first half of "Lucifer" season 5 how he feared for his child's safety among the humans. He was almost tempted to bring Charlie to the Silver City to get proper guidance. Of course, Dr. Linda Martin disagreed with the idea as she did not want to be away from her son.

God's arrival on earth will be of great help to Amenadiel according to Henderson. Through him, he can distinguish what he is and is not supposed to do.

"What would he do similarly? Differently? What did he wish his father did for him? And what are the things that in seeing his own father he realises he needed to do to him at that time?" Henderson hinted.

The showrunner added that a lot of Amenadiel's arc in "Lucifer" season 5B revolves around "looking at his father from an entirely new perspective, as a fellow father." This could mean that father and son may have more bonding moments.

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