Aimee Garcia talked about Ella's love life, her self-doubt, and the possible scenarios that could happen once the CSI learns that Lucifer is really the devil in a recent phone interview about "Lucifer" Season 5.

Ella had a rough start in "Lucifer" Season 5A. Just when she thought that she finally found her perfect match in Pete Daily (Alex Koch), the guy turned out to be a serial killer. As she told Maze before, she tends to date or sleep with bad guys.

Garcia talked about her character's love life this season and said it "was tough" for Ella to have to go through the experience. Ella uncovered Pete's secret room that contained the clues they followed to catch the killer. The actress said that Ella let her guard down when she let herself be charmed by Pete.

"Ella is so open and so transparent and such a love bug and such a romantic but she's guarded. She lets her guard down for the first time and she gets torn apart," Garcia told Collider during a phone interview.

"She's not a hardened, jaded character, so it's especially tough to see a character who puts others ahead of herself, who wants to make people's day a little better, who wants to tell people how special they are, who wants to hug someone that's having a bad day, who wants to make someone laugh and who wants to dance, go through that," she added.

The 41-year old said she does not know what emotional ramifications that would have on Ella moving forward in "Lucifer" Season 5B. But it would be "so tragic" if she starts wondering if she is a good person at all.

This is probably when Ella goes through a personal crisis and starts to doubt herself. Garcia said it will be "disheartening" to see the CSI go through such a dilemma.

In "Lucifer" Season 5A, Detective Dan Espinoza finally learned that Lucifer Morningstar is the actual devil, thanks to Michael. He took it hard at first and even tried to kill Lucifer. It may probably take some time before Dan accepts the truth.

Ella, on the other hand, has yet to find out Lucifer's true identity in "Lucifer" Season 5. Garcia suggested that the CSI will likely hug, hit, and take care of Lucifer, in that order. She will definitely also ask him many questions about hell.

Aimee Garcia
Aimee Garcia at the 2014 College Television Awards Mingle MediaTV/Wikimedia Commons