Luis Suarez has revealed in his autobiography 'Crossing The Line' that it would have been tough to continue as a professional footballer had he been the one who slipped instead of Steven Gerrard, to hand Manchester City the title last season.

Liverpool face Chelsea at Anfield on Saturday in the Premier League and this match will bring some horrible memories back for the Reds, especially for captain Gerrard, whose slip cost his team the chance to win their first league title in over 20 years.

The Uruguayan striker has since moved on and joined Barcelona in a reported £65m deal, but he believes that one moment cost Liverpool their first Premier League title. He sympathises with the Reds skipper over the incident and believes he was unlucky to make that mistake.

"If I had been in Stevie's shoes, I don't know if I would have been able to carry on playing. Emotionally, it must have been very, very hard," Suarez said, as quoted by the Mirror.

"In the previous weeks, so much had been said about him, the expectation had built so much, the talk had been about him leading Liverpool, his club, to a first title in over 20 years, on the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, in which his cousin had died, and then that happens."

"The captain, the former youth-teamer, the one-club man, a Scouser born and bred, and he was the unlucky one to make a crucial mistake," the Uruguayan international added.

Suarez insists that had the former Three Lions skipper not slipped and handed an easy goal to then Chelsea striker Demba Ba, the Blues would have struggled to score a goal against the Anfield side.

"He still hadn't won the league title. Stevie had started to believe, we all had. And now it had been virtually taken away from him and like that, with him slipping against Chelsea."

"I'm convinced that if Chelsea had not scored like that, they would not have scored at all. And once you are a goal down against them, it's virtually impossible," the Barcelona forward explained.

This is the first time since that dreadful day that Gerrard comes face-to-face with Chelsea at Anfield, but the Englishman has made it clear that despite 'it being the worst three months of his life' he is only looking to the future and not the past.