The death of Lukey Maxwell has left Tottenham "broken and shocked", friends including the UK rapper formerly known as Chipmunk have said.

The 22-year-old died after being stabbed in the early hours of 5 June at Northumberland Park in north London.

Metropolitan Police officers arrested three men – aged 36, 40 and 55 – and two women – aged 42 and 47 – on suspicion of murder and have detained them at a north London police station.

Friends – many of whom wished not to be named – left floral tributes at the spot where the "well dressed and polite" aspiring musician died and told IBTimes UK of their shock at his death.

"Everyone is broken, he was just a normal guy," a long-time friend said. "He liked to dress well, he had respect, he liked girls. He was just like us. This whole thing is a tragedy.

"It was raining last night and there were concerns about how that might affect the body. His family is broken. He has three brothers and a sister."

Another friend who saw Maxwell in what turned out to be the final few days of his life described a man determined to be a success.

They said: "He was ambitious and was doing well for himself. He was well known in the neighbourhood and was known around here [Northumberland Park], even though he wasn't from here.

"He was not a rapper, but he loved music. He was in the background for one of Skepta's music videos."

Friends are at a loss to explain the death but are adamant it was not part of a gangland tit-for-tat.

A friend added: "Lukey was not in a gang. He was not in trouble. He was always happy and put a smile on people's faces."