A quiet neighbourhood in West Midlands became a crime scene yesterday. A man attacked a seven-month-old child and a woman in front of their home while the neighbours watched. Frantic efforts by the neighbours to stop the man's attack were in vain. Police and paramedics finally managed to defuse the situation and tend to the injuries of the victims.

Armed police responded to a domestic violence call to The Leasowes in Tipton near Dudley. When they reached the property at around 12:30 am they found the victims and the suspect in the home. Police subdued and arrested the suspect before the medics tended to the injuries of the victims. The 35-year-old man's identity has not been revealed by the police as the investigation is ongoing. He will remain in police custody until further notice. The police have also confirmed that they are not looking for other suspects in relation to the incident.

The emergency services first carried the infant out to the ambulance. The injured woman was then carried out on a stretcher to the waiting ambulance. Both were taken to a hospital following the ordeal. The unnamed woman suffered a non-life threatening stab wound to her hand. However, the child remains in critical condition. The baby girl suffered multiple injuries for which she is being treated.

According to The Sun, some neighbours had pleaded with the man to cease the attack. The neighbours recalled seeing a broken kitchen knife covered in blood on the doormat of the victim's home. The witness claims that the woman was lying in a pool of blood near the door as the assailant kept manhandling the infant. This alarmed the neighbours and they called the police.

Another neighbour recalled hearing the man shout at the baby to shut up. He reportedly had the baby in a "headlock" choking her for some time. Neighbours pleaded with the man to hand over the baby to them for her safety.

The crime scene was cordoned off yesterday as the police continue their investigation into the incident.

Man's attack on woman and infant put both in hospital. (representational image) Flickr