A vengeful man named Mohammad Yaqoob murdered his niece, Sadia, after his brother did not agree to his marriage proposal on behalf of his son. Yaqoob set Sadia on fire when she was left home alone. The victim initially survived the attack but she eventually passed away. The family tried to cover-up the murder but the police were able to determine that the death was not an accident. Yaqoob confessed to the murder during police interrogation.

In Chiniot, Pakistan the 14-year-old girl was married off to a man of her father's choice. After the marriage, she had returned home to visit her family. On Friday, July 17 Sadia was alone in the home when her uncle executed his plan of revenge.

Yaqoob had wanted Sadia to be married to his son. However, Saida's father, Mohammad Yousuf, did not accept the proposal. She was married off to another relative two months before her gruesome murder. This rejection angered Yaqoob. Even though Sadia did not have any hand in choosing her husband, she became the target of his revenge plan.

Yaqoob poured gasoline on Sadia after ensuring that she was home alone. He then lit her on fire and left her to die. Yaqoob left Sadia for dead but she managed to survive the attack. Sadia dragged herself out of the home and alerted the neighbours. She was immediately rushed to a hospital and was treated for her burns. Sadly, she succumbed to her injuries at the hospital.

Her family knew what had happened and who Sadia's murderer was. Instead of turning Yaqoob in, the family tried to conceal his crime. According to Gulf News, they buried Sadia's body before the police could examine it further. They told the authorities that the death was accidental. They claimed that Sadia was burnt when a gas cylinder in their home burst.

Police in the Punjab province was not convinced with the family's story. They continued to investigate Sadia's death. The story that her family told the police clashed with the story her in-laws shared. Eventually, police arrested Yaqoob who confessed to the crime in police custody. It is unclear if Yaqoob had been charged for the murder of the young girl.

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14-year-old girl was burnt to death by her uncle. (representational image) Amit Dave/Reuters