Police in Trinidad have charged a 24-year-old man with the murder of London cricketer Adrian St John. The 22-year-old sportsman was shot dead last week after being robbed of cash and valuables by two men in the Mount Hope area.

St John was in Upper Gordon Street on 10 April to collect a relative of one of the two female passengers he was travelling with. After being robbed of their possessions, the two men ordered St John to drive off.

As he did so, a single shot fired by one of the men hit St John in the head. The British cricketer was rushed to hospital, but died while being treated, according to the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian.

Maldon Pascall was charged with St John's murder after police received instructions from the island's Director of Public Prosecutions, Roger Gaspard to do so. Pascall was picked out at an identification parade on 14 April.

Would-be cricket star

St John was the captain of the Chris Gayle Academy in London. The West Indies star tweeted his condolences to his family and friends following the murder. Speaking after St John's murder, Chris Gayle Foundation programme manager Donovan Miller said: "I'm really finding it hard to come to terms with it, how someone could do something like that to such a lovely person."

St John's uncle, Ian Campbell told Sky News: "It was a complete shock. He had passed his degree in philosophy and history and was the first in our family to get that far and we were all very proud of him.

"He was just lovable. He was the original nice guy. He was a handsome kid, he was tall and handsome and personable. It was his personality that made him do well.

"He was a balanced kid looking forward to a bright future. Cricket was a passion from an early age and he was very good at it," he added.