On Sunday, August 30 around 11 pm local time, Jason Michael Mesich of Minnesota, United States shot his wife Angela Lynn dead. After killing his wife, the gunman went outside his home and shot at his neighbours. He managed to injure sisters Canisha and Makayla Saulter while the rest of their family escaped the ordeal unharmed. After shooting nearly 40 rounds during a stand-off with the police, the assailant surrendered. While his wife was found dead in the garage of their home, the other two victims were seriously injured and are recovering at a hospital.

The couple living in Bloomington, near the state's capital Minneapolis, were reportedly arguing in the garage of their home when the conflict turned violent. Mesich shot his wife multiple times in the neck and upper body, leaving her dead in the garage. He then went outside his home and opened fire on the Saulters.

The neighbouring family had been loading a moving truck when the attack occurred. Most of the family members were already in the truck and another vehicle. The sisters were out in the open. 12-year-old Makayla was carrying her 29-year-old sister's infant when she was shot. She covered the one-year-old with her body and ended up with a gunshot wound to her head. 29-year-old Canisha was shot multiple times in her hips and legs.

After shooting the neighbours, Mesich went back into his home. The sisters were taken to a hospital by the rest of the family and the police were alerted.

The gunman did not surrender peacefully. A standoff ensued during which the 48-year-old man retreated to the basement. He fired at least 40 rounds before surrendering, WCCO reported. He was taken into custody as the police searched the rest of the home. The 47-year-old woman's body was found in the garage. Officers also found several guns and hundreds of bullets.

Mesich told the police that he was arguing with Lynn over the lack of sexual intimacy in their relationship. Leaving his wife in the garage, he went and got a gun. When the woman tried to hit him, he hit her back. He claims his wife asked him to shoot her so he shot her. When asked why he shot the sisters, he told the police he disliked children and the family had not been good neighbours. Mesich faces three second-degree murder charges and is being held at Hennepin County Jail. If convicted he could be sentenced to 80-years in prison.

A GoFundMe has been set up to support the surviving victims. The elder sister's condition is stable but the younger sister continues to remain critical. The young girl sustained a fracture to her skull and remains heavily sedated.

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Man arrested for fatally shooting wife before opening fire on neighbours. (representational image) Getty