A passenger, who has asked to be named as William, had an argument with the South Western Railway staff at Clapham Junction station, London. The argument was sparked when he questioned a staff member for not wearing a face mask. During the argument, the man is heard referring to another passenger and pointing out that they are not wearing a mask either. A stranger confronted William and suddenly punched him before he can respond. After the attack, the victim had to be taken to a hospital where he received stitches. British Transport Police are investigating the incident.

A friend of the victim started recording the heated interaction between William and the South Western Railway staff. William is seen complaining that a staff member was not wearing a mask and his friend asked her why she was not wearing one. The woman reportedly responded rudely by saying "none of your business." This led to an argument.

Irked by staff and other passengers not wearing masks, William pointed out one of the other passengers not wearing a mask. A man wearing a grey GAP hoodie responded by aggressively approaching the victim. William claims that he did not point out the man who attacked him. However, before he could explain himself, the attacker shouted at the other passenger before punching William in the face.

Man knocked out during face mask row at London train station https://t.co/pBUIh3CIKW via @YouTube

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The friend continued to record William knocked out on the floor with blood pouring from his head. The station staff did nothing to restrain the assailant. The attacker, who was pushing a baby in a pram, swiftly left the spot without any consequence.

William had to be taken to a hospital for treatment of his head injury. He reportedly had to get stitches as he was left with lacerations to his head.

South Western Railway confirmed the incident. They claimed that the staff who was not wearing the mask was medically exempted. However, she did not offer that explanation when William asked her why she was not wearing a mask. According to the Daily Mail, the South Western Railway staff reported the incident to the British Transport Police who are now conducting the investigation.

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