A man has been sentenced to 30 months imprisonment by the Nottingham Crown Court in a murder case.

Jacob Dunne, 19, from Nottingham punched James Hodgkinson, a trainee paramedic from London, during an unprovoked attack outside Yates' Wine Lodge in the Old Market Square at Nottingham on July 31 last.

James sustained serious head injuries and was rushed to the Queen's Medical Centre after the incident. He was declared dead on August 9.

James, 28, was visiting Nottingham with his father, brother and three friends to watch the Test Match between England and India at Trent Bridge. "James had met up with his friends and family in Nottingham to watch a cricket match at Trent Bridge. A punch from Dunne, with no consideration for the consequences, caused James to fall to the floor sustaining serious head injuries," said detective inspector Rob McKinnel in a statement.

Commenting on the verdict, James's family said, "This senseless act of violence resulted in the death of a person who was dedicating their life to helping others in their role as a paramedic. Acts like this cannot be allowed to continue and a clear message has to be sent to others that if you commit this type of crime you will go to prison."