Believe in your product – that's the golden rule for any business – but perhaps one intrepid entrepreneur took this mantra too far after he was willing to shoot his own wife to prove his line of high-tech bulletproof clothing would work.

Miguel Caballero from Colombia is the owner of MC Armor – a company that specialises in high-fashion bulletproof clothing that's been designed to offer style rather than your typically bulky vest.

Caballero is so confident his fashion-forward clothing can stop a bullet he was willing to take aim and fire a bullet from point-blank range into the mid-section of his (very accommodating) wife and mother to his children who was wearing a vest.

Thankfully, Caballero's faith in the flexible and lightweight tank top pays off as his wife takes the shot without as much as flinching.

The extreme marketing stunt was filmed and shared on social media with the footage showing Caballero digging the bullet out of the vest where it had mushroomed as a result of being stopped by the multiple layers of the reinforced fabric.

It's not just his wife Caballero is willing to shoot. Caballero has become famous for shooting his employees and even customers who are brave enough to try it out. So far the 49-year-old businessman has shot more than 230 volunteers with his .38 calibre pistol to prove the effectiveness of his clothing line.

The stunt was in aid to promote the bulletproof clothing line being made available in Miami, US, where it will sell a line of garments built to stop gunfire up to .22 calibre and 9mm bullets at a starting price of $495 for the lightweight vest.

The company is expanding after sales in Caballero's home country of Colombia, once one of the most notorious gun crime capitals in the world, has become safer over recent years. According to an article in the Miami Herald MC Armor has produced everything from bulletproof bibles to children's backpacks.

The venture into the US where its products are being sold in gun shops across Florida, Texas and California is being headed by his wife Carolina Ballesteros, which might explain why she was open to the idea of being shot.

"I swore to myself I would never do that again," Caballero said following firing the gun at his willing wife.

"Now I know why doctors should never operate on their own family members," he said as he walked away appearing to be shaken by the stunt.