Only recently, rumours about Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller being tapped to direct Man Of Steel 2, surfaced online. After months of speculation, the fate of the Superman sequel was starting to get slightly clearer, and then this happens:

Man Of Steel 2 is on "permanent hold," a source revealed to Den of Geek. According to the website, Miller is indeed in talks with Warner Bros about the possibility of taking on one of its future DC movies, though exactly what that movie is hasn't been decided as yet.

One source says that what Miller directs will depend on what story most interests him, his take on it and everyone's availability, while the other source's statement completely rules out Man Of Steel 2.

So, does this mean WB has abandoned Superman again? Earlier reports have revealed that post a special screening of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice held recently, the studio has decided to greenlight three solo Batman movies. Reportedly, WB is so happy with Batfleck, that they want their entire DC Cinematic Universe to centre around Batman.

However, these are all just rumours and no official announcements have been made as yet. As of now, Warner and DC Entertainment have their plate full with BvS, the subsequent Justice League films and the solo movies focussing on Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Green Lantern.