A US man has shocked viewers worldwide after posting a video of himself holding his amputated foot on YouTube.

The gory 40-second clip shows Donald Carelson exhibiting his freshly amputated limb, which he has been storing in the freezer after the operation to remove it.

During the video, he happily shows off his now defunct foot, explaining different parts of it while adding funny asides here and there.

Even though it is not yet clear whether the limb is real, according to the YouTube "Donsfoot" footage, he now plans to turn it into a walking stick.

He explains to viewers: "I will be turning this into a walking cane, skin the flesh off it, then the foot becomes the handles and just add a bone to make the full length."

He also relates exactly how he was allowed to take his right foot home: "I just asked the surgeon, was told it's mine so I just picked it up when I went home."

Amputee Don Carelson