Mesut Ozil
Mesut Ozil's father has threatened legal action over claims he stopped the midfielder joining Manchester United, reports claim.

Mesut Ozil's father has threatened legal action after an agent claimed that he stopped the midfielder joining Manchester United because his cut wouldn't be as large as if he were to move to Arsenal.

Ozil's exit from Real Madrid has caused an ongoing saga over why the midfielder chose to leave the Spanish giants for the Gunners on deadline day, particularly after he had claimed he was completely committed to honouring his contract with the Spanish club just one week before his move.

The Germany international has since been accused of being unprofessional in his time at Madrid, which he denies, and Ozil has said that he lost trust in the side before making his move.

And while the player appears to be shrugging off the reports surrounding his departure from Real Madrid, self-proclaimed FIFA agent Francois Gallardo has claimed that Ozil was close to joining United before his father chose the move to Arsenal because of the extra cash that would come his way.

Bild reports Gallardo saying: "Since January Ozil's father has three times held talks with Real and always called for the doubling of the salary of Mesut Ozil. Real has said no three times.

"For the player, Mesut Ozil, Manchester United's offer was better, but maybe not for the father. The father might not have earned as much on the transfer (as he did) during the transfer to Arsenal."

The German paper claims that in fact Ozil wanted to move to London because he wanted to join fellow international teammates Lukas Podolski and Per Mertesacker, and he also felt that he would be highly valued but Arsenal after talks with Arsene Wenger.

But Ozil's father has threatened Gallardo with court action over the comments, with Mustafa Ozil insisting the claims over United are 'complete nonsense'.

"We do need to realise that there were many scary agents who have tried without any legitimacy, get in the business," the paper reports.

"Apparently, even with forged signatures. We have much to do right now to help Mesut during acclimatization in London.

"But we consider parallel legal action against so-called consultants who have offered Mesut authorization. Who probably hoped for a quick commission. As some have called under dubious circumstances to clubs and said they were instructed. From me they were there, anyway."