Manchester United reportedly opted out of bidding for the Brazilian forward, Neymar Jr., because of fears regarding his personality. The English side dropped the possibility of signing the Paris Saint-Germain heavyweight footballer, which otherwise could have been a big-money deal.

The English club is reportedly worried about Neymar's lack of dedication, along with an extreme party-inclined lifestyle. Additionally, they believe that Neymar's father's money-obsessed personality wouldn't suit the Red Devils.

Man United is one of the few clubs with adequate financial backing to make the Neymar deal possible. However, it seems that Neymar's lifestyle, personality, and his father's demands didn't go well with the English giants.

As per The Daily Mail, Neymar had been in United's shopping list for quite some time, as the Brazilian is widely considered to be a "Category-A superstar." The club's executive vice-chairman believes that a club of United's standard should have at least one contender for the Ballon d'Or at all times.

However, it seems that some men inside the club's decision-making board believe that the footballer's off-the-field behaviour and lifestyle might affect the Red Devils' reputation. Neymar's love for lavish parties is widely known in the football community. He is frequently seen at high-profile events where he is accompanied by his celebrity friends.

Neymar PSG Fans
PSG fans unfurled a banner saying: "Neymar. Get out." AFP / FRANCK FIFE Franck Fife/AFP

Recently, Barcelona midfielder Arthur Melo got into trouble with his club because he attended Neymar's night-out invitation. Last season, Melo also needed to apologise to the Blaugrana bosses because he attended the Brazilian's birthday bash just 48 hours before the El Clasico.

United bosses think that Neymar doesn't dedicate himself in a similar fashion as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Besides, his injury history is also bothersome. All these factors ensured that we would probably never see Neymar donning the red jersey at Old Trafford.

Throughout this summer, Neymar showed signs of desperation, as he was willing to force a move out of his current French team. His name was linked with two Spanish mega clubs, Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona multiple times.

Just before the summer transfer window closed, Neymar's Barcelona return looked like it would happen. However, both Barca and PSG backed off at the last moment.