Fans of Manchester United football club took to social media to express their outrage as memorial packs given free to those in the stands ended up on eBay.

The special edition packs were given to fans at Old Trafford on Saturday (3 February) as this week sees the 60th anniversary of the tragic Munich air disaster that killed 23 people, including several players.

Fans branded those selling the packs, mostly going for around £50 on the online auction site, as "scum" and accused them of attempting to profit off a bloody tragedy.

On 6 February 1958 an Airspeed Ambassador plane carrying 44 people, including the Manchester United team that had just defeated Red Star Belgrade in the European Cup, skidded off the end of the runway at Munich-Riem Airport. Only 21 survived.

"Seen there's some "fans" selling the Munich Air Disaster free mementos the club left strapped to seats on eBay. Scum.. how you can call yourself a fan is beyond me! Sums up modern football" Shane O'Connell wrote on Twitter.

Another user named Mark posted a picture of several of the auction, saying it "pretty sick to make money from [M]unich".

Jimmy McBride, who says he's a season ticket holder in his Twitter bio, asked whether there was any way the club would be able to ban those attempting to sell the packs: "trying to make money from such a tragedy is not what the club had in mind when making the gesture," he added.

Other fans struck a more unsurprised tone. "As soon as I heard that @ManUtd were giving away a commemorative Munich pack I knew that some would end up on eBay and/or stolen," Phil wrote, while Ryan C added: "what makes it worse is that I think we all knew it would happen."