Manchester United striker Radamel Falcao has once again rubbished reports claiming his latest injury may prevent him playing regular football at Old Trafford, saying he is close to a return to action.

Falcao was expected to return for the game against Arsenal on Saturday [22 November] but Louis Van Gaal told he "has a new injury" and is at least two weeks away from a first-team.

The Colombian forward missed six months of action with a knee injury earlier this year, and some have suggested he faces another long-term absence.

The 29-year-old striker suffered an injury in training ahead of the Chelsea clash on 26 October and has been unable to play since – missing three Premier League games.

However, Falcao has claimed his latest absences are due to a minor calf injury and have no relation to his previous knee issues.

"I am getting better, I feel well and I hope to come back to the pitch soon," Radamel told Manchester United's official website.

"It is disappointing that I can't play but I have to be calm and recover because that is important to help the team when I return to the games."

Asked about the speculation that he faces a long-term absence, Falcao added: "It is a bit frustrating.

"Well, it is more than frustrating actually and it detracts from the credibility of the media that there is so much speculation and that so many falsehoods have been written about it.

"I think with an audience of so many millions of people, it is not right. I did take a small injury to my calf, which is something that I need to be careful with, but there are a lot of stories circulating that are pure speculation."