Adnan Januzaj
Januzaj was booked in the first half against West Ham.

Manchester United manager David Moyes has once again refused to criticise his own players after failing to condemn Adnan Januzaj's dive against West Ham United.

Januzaj was booked for simulation after Hammers defender James Collins pulled out a challenge in the first half, the second time the winger has been formally punished for such an offence this season.

The incident follows the early season controversy involving Ashley Young, who dived to win penalties for United against Crystal Palace and Real Sociedad.

However, upon being asked regarding Januzaj's latest dive, Moyes has opted to defend the youngster but has revealed he will discuss the incident with the player.

"If you look at the last two games and the amount of tackles that this boy has had to take, he has had more than any other player," the United boss said of Januzaj.

"He thought he was going to get scythed down. He's been getting kicked in every game. We'll talk to him about it but I said last week that there were a lot of people having a kick at Adnan because he's very difficult to mark and he's elusive the way he moves.

"It can bring defenders into tackles but it's the referees that have to call it right. I just hope that they don't wait until he gets a bad one before they get it right."

Januzaj scored his first Old Trafford goal in the 3-1 victory over West Ham United but his performance was overshadowed by another booking for diving.

On his full Premier League debut Januzaj scored twice against Sunderland was cautioned for a dive at the Stadium of Light and the United wideman, who is eligible to play international football for Albania, Belgium, Croatia, Kosovo and Turkey, is threatening to undermine his talent.

In September, after winning a penalty against Palace, Young was criticised by Moyes, who was a campaigner for retrospective punishments for diving during his Everton days.

However, the recent dive against Sociedad in the Champions League and Januzaj's yellow card against West Ham, have been met with greater understanding from Moyes and an appeal for protection from referees rather than criticism of his own players.