Louis van Gaal
Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal (R) has denied reports of a rift between him and his assistant Ryan Giggs (M) ahead of their FA Cup clash against Arsenal Getty

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal was infuriated when probed on reports suggesting that his relationship with assistant manager Ryan Giggs had broken down.

Suggestions of a rift came after United's last gasp 1-0 win over Newcastle United on Wednesday. Following Ashley Young's late goal, the Dutch manager celebrated in front of Giggs, who remained expressionless, which led to assumptions regarding the relationship between the pair.

Van Gaal was furious when asked about his relationship with Giggs during his recent press conference. He initially went along with the press and retorted sarcastically by agreeing to reports of a rift.

However, he went on to accuse the press of making up stories and confirmed that he has a good working relationship with all the staff members at the club.

"No, we have a very bad relationship,' Van Gaal sarcastically said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

"I'm very irritated because of this question. Everyone can see we have a very good relationship and work very hard together, not only Ryan Giggs but all the staff and players," the Dutchman confirmed.

"This [your question] is a way of suggesting things. So now I am very irritated and I take my message against the media. I'm not pleased. 'I think 90 per cent [of everything you say] is not happening," the Red Devils boss added.

Meanwhile, The Welsh assistant manager's former teammate Paul Scholes feels that Giggs will not remain as number two at United for too long, as he believes that his former colleague will want to become manager sooner rather later especially after getting a taste of it during the last two months of the 2013/14 season following the sacking of David Moyes.

"There's no doubt, he had that little taste of it for the last three weeks of last year and he definitely wants to be a manager," Scholes said, as quoted by the Mirror.

"You can see that. Over the next two or three years, will he have the patience to be a number two for that long? I'm not sure he will," the Old Trafford favourite added.