Peter Schmeichel

Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel has urged David Moyes to offload five to six first team players in January as the Dane believes they are the reason for the club's poor form this season.

The former United stopper said the players need a certain level of performance and attitude to play for the Premier League champions. He believes a few players in the Red Devils' first team do not care about the club and need to be offloaded in the mid-season transfer window.

The English champions suffered back-to-back league defeats against Everton and Newcastle at Old Trafford. United's poor form in the Premier has seen them sit ninth in the Premier League table with 22 points from 15 games. The Dane has, however, not revealed the names of those players.

"I think more than anything, he should let players go. There are some players in there that are not doing the job and haven't been doing the job for a bit now," Schmeichel told the Daily Mail.

"To be a Manchester United player, it requires a certain level of performance, mentality and you have got to be proud to be a Manchester United player. I just see with five or six players that they don't care and we [United] have never ever had players that don't care. You should care."

"This is what you have to understand when you are a Manchester United player - this is the kind of responsibility you have to take on the pitch. Certain players look like they don't care and they should not be at Manchester United," he added.

Moyes replaced Sir Alex Ferguson after the Old Trafford legend stepped down from his post at the end of the last season. The 50-year-old manager has had a poor summer transfer window and has now seen United struggle in the domestic competition.

Schmeichel believes Moyes will make a statement by allowing a few players leave in January, rather than bringing in new faces to Old Trafford.

"I think David Moyes will already have identified that, and the statement that he will make by letting players go will be more powerful than the statement he will make by bringing players in," Schmeichel stressed.