A family row over whether Andy Murray is British or Scottish ended with a man biting a chunk out of his stepfather's ear, leaving it permanently disfigured.

Murray's nationality can often be a source of tension – especially around the time of Wimbledon – but that tension reached new heights when the topic came up for debate at a household in Inverness.

Lee Clarke, 34, admitted leaving the gaping wound in Alistair Wilson's ear at Inverness Sheriff Court on Friday (30 June) after Wilson is said to have put his stepson in a headlock.

Clarke revealed to Scotland's Daily Record newspaper that Murray was at the heart of the argument.

"It was a silly argument over whether Andy Murray is British or Scottish," he said.

"I have nothing against the Scots, most of my family are Scottish, but I regard myself as British. Andy is British, but he is also Scottish."

After the incident, doctors sewed Wilson's ear back on, but parts of it did not heal correctly and had to be trimmed away. Wilson was also left with a black eye after the fight.

Clarke's defence solicitor Clare Russell said "alcohol and anger" were also factors in the argument.

"Clarke was involved in a car accident and as a result suffers from epilepsy and cannot work. He received significant compensation and a trust fund was set up from which he derives an income. He is in a position to pay compensation to his stepfather."

She said Clarke regretted the incident, adding: "He hopes to rekindle some kind of relationship with his stepfather, if not only for his mother's sake."

Sentencing has been deferred to 28 July.